05.-07. August 2011
Yark-Skin Wedding Weekend
Meierhof, Vaduz, Liechtenstein
Hares: Puking Cougar, Horney Rubble, Longshanks; Hazukahii, Tailgate; Likk'mm, Flying Chicken
27.-29. March 2009
DIVAhhh Champagne Weekend
Reims, France
Hares: Spotted Dick; Domin Ice Trix & Flaming Cock Trix
31. October 2008
DIVAhhh's do Halloween at BerZuBa!
Biel, Switzerland
Contact: Tailgate
30. September 2007
Oktoberfest Sunday Run & Tram Ride
Munich, Germany
Hares: Cumming Numb & Tailgate
3. September 2007
Wedding hash for Oily Hole and Hemorrhoid
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Hare: Spare Rib
Wedding Master of Ceremony: Ra/FDF
2. June 2007
DIVAhhh Weekend
Brussels, Belgium
Hares: Houser & SpottedDick
Theme: Dress as someone from a country other than your own
Organization: Yark Sucker, EZ Over, Spare Rib, Rumple Foreskin, Dr. Penis Pavorotti
23. September 2005
Oktoberfest Pub Crawl
Munich, Germany
Hare: Cumming Numb
11. August 2005
Amsterdam Red Dress Run, Prelube to Eurohash
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Hares: Sex-Ed, Yark Sucker, Dr. Penis Pavorotti, She Muscle Bitch, Cow Fluffer, Ma Bouche, Cumming Numb
RA: Rumple Foreskin
Party at Coco's: Pussy Galore & Eau Natural
Photos by:
  Pussy Galore
  Swamp Thing
20. November 2004
DIVAhhh Inaugural Weekend
Haarlem, The Netherlands
Hares: Sex-Ed & Yark Sucker
Black Tie party: Pussy Galore & Eau Natural
Trash by Lois Lane: Word PDF
Trash by Take-a-Leek: Word PDF
Photos by:
  Taxi Ho
Latest update: 20. March 2012